Support with using, maintaining or improving your software and hardware

  • I will come to you and work with your computer equipment and software on-site.
  • I can support with Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome and Linux computers, tablets and phones.
  • I am more than willing to work with older equipment, provide working solutions to keep you up and running, and make what you have do what you need it to do – although I can advise on new equipment and upgrades, I don’t sell or supply, so have no interest in making you spend money that doesn’t need to be spent.
  • I can help with security, backup, online (cloud) storage, email accounts and small networks.
  • For businesses, charities, groups and schools I can help to ensure that your IT setup and communication presents a professional image and supports you in your approach to data protection, security and safeguarding.
  • Most importantly, I will involve you in the work I carry out, and ensure that you understand what has been done and how to use it effectively – providing ongoing learning and support as required.