Indications for Designing, Building and Deploying New Websites

The indications given here are intended to help with budgeting and are not set in stone:

A brochure site for a small business or organisation: £640

A more complex site with some additional functionality: £960

A small online shop (eCommerce) site: £1,600

I expect to include up to two hours of changes and/or initial support with using the site and I always deliver sites with a good level of search engine optimisation (SEO), including submission via Google Search Console. I will also support with domain registration and setup of DNS records and Nameservers.

I would normally invoice for half of the total at the point that a “first draft” of the site is available for testing and further development, and for the balance when the final live site has been deployed.

Things That May Increase the Cost

  • Additional facilities (booking systems, events handling, complex shop functionality etc)
  • Lots of content – going to 10+ main pages
  • Lots of products – adding 20+ products or hundreds of variations
  • Production of the bulk of the original content and copy
  • Complex blogging, custom posts or portfolio arrangements
  • Setting up integrations with other platforms (mailing lists, other commerce channels, social media etc)
  • Further support and training with using the site
  • Third-party plugin licenses for specific additional features, if required

Web Hosting Services

The hosting accounts that I am able to arrange for my clients are backed by well-regarded UK-based independent hosting companies (Brixly & Krystal) and have been selected based upon careful research and testing.

Standard WordPress-optimised Hosting (suitable for most brochure sites and simple business sites): £11 per month or £110 annually

Higher-Resources Hosting (for shops & more-complex sites): £15 per month or £150 annually

Scalable Cloud Hosting or VPS (for very demanding or high-traffic sites): Bespoke cost based on needs

Where I arrange hosting for your site, setup, server maintenance & optimisation, software updates and regular backups will be included free of charge. If the site is to live on a third-party hosting account not arranged by me I can provide a basic updates and backup service for £5 per month.

Other Ongoing Website Services

Regular maintenance and addition of content (blog posts, products etc) on your behalf: £40 per month (to be reviewed if regularly exceeding 2 hrs per month)

Setting up, maintaining and supporting with analytics (I prefer Plausible to Google Analytics for reasons of data privacy): initial setup £20 and then £2 per month ongoing

Marketing integrations and SEO (setup and connection of Facebook Business, Facebook Commerce, Google My Business, Google Merchant Centre Enhanced Free Listings and SEO reviews using Google Search Console): £160 to £320 for initial setup then £40 per month if ongoing support required

One-off amendments or additions to and development of site, more complex SEO work and monitoring, integration with third-party platforms (EPOS, stock management, back office, other sales channels etc), bespoke development and additional training sessions are priced based on my normal hourly rate – currently £40 per hour.

I Don’t Normally* Offer …

  • Help with photography or sourcing images.
  • Setup of social media accounts and support with creating or adding social media content.
  • Setup and maintenance of email accounts, cloud storage and other business systems.
  • Setup and support with pay-per-click advertising.
  • Production of paper materials, general graphic design, logo design and help with branding.
  • Native (iOS and Android) app development. Sites can, however, be delivered as Progressive Web Apps to further enhance their already app-like behaviour on mobile devices.
  • Support with or maintenance of websites not built by me.
  • Technical support with hosting accounts not arranged by me.

*Although my arm can sometimes be twisted …

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